Overtone Libra, oil on panel, 11 x 11inches

Originally from Connecticut, Lori relocated in 1985 to attend college and find her passion.  Prior to enrolling in the BFA program at The Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine she studied Meteorology and Environmental Biology at Lyndon State College and Plymouth State University respectively.  Pursuing her interests in science and mathematics, ultimately she found herself gripped by the paradoxical simplicities and complexities of visual expression in a required art class taught at Plymouth State University by Professor Carl Basner.  A chord was struck that began the process of directing and channeling these passions into the practice of painting.

While earning her degree in Printmaking at the Maine College of Art under the tutelage of Professors Alan Gardiner and James D. Cambronne, Lori requested a year of independent study with Professor Cambronne in painting.  She received several scholarships from the faculty of the college and in 1992 was one of two students from the Maine College of Art  to be nominated for a place at the Yale Summer School of Art and Music.

Choosing to step aside from the traditional path of academia, Lori continues to find inspiration from reading and studying about ancient knowledge and early mathematics. These are rich and limitless sources for her work.